Hitachi Odamai Rice

Our Tsukuba farm uses various farming methods in pursuit of delicious rice production.

Features of Hitachi Odamai Rice

Quality water from the Tsukuba foothills. Organic fertilizer made up of fermented fallen leaves minimizes the use of pesticides.
“We spare no time or effort to produce the most delicious rice.” That’s our motto.

Enjoy the sweet, sticky taste and plump, soft texture.
This is the ultimate Koshihikari, in terms of fragrance, luster, and stickiness.

Milk Vetch CultivationMilk Vetch Cultivation
In the past, this was a mainstream farming method, but
because it is time-consuming compared to the use of chemical fertilizers, its use has declined. The milk vetch increases nitrogen
levels in the soil, and plowing prior to rice planting produces
a farm-friendly fertilizer for the soil.
Special Cultivation MethodSpecial Cultivation Method
A national standard cultivation method. Fallen leaves
which have fermented over a two-year period are used as fertilizer. This provides plenty of oxygen and nourishment for
the soil, and allows rice to grow naturally.
Aigamo Duck Cultivation MethodAigamo Duck Cultivation Method
Free-range ducks eat weeds and pests, alleviating the need for pesticides. Their waste becomes a nutrient, making this
a safe method for the natural environment.


To ensure that you have confidence in our agricultural products,
we have obtained various certifications.


Ken-nan No. 977


Ibaraki Specially Cultivated Agricultural Product Certification


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We are the Producers

Takashi Kokubo
We place our emphasis not on making rice, but on creating an environment where rice can grow, in order to produce high yield, high quality rice.
We believe that if the environment is suitable for growing rice, the rice will take care of itself. This delivers the most delicious rice possible. Each grain of rice
is painstakingly produced. We are confident in recommending our rice to you.

Agricultural Production Corporation Tsukuba Farm
2830 Oda, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki-ken, 300-4223
Tel: 029-867-3433 Fax: 029-867-3272
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Photo by Ibaraki Shinbun

We want children to be able to feel the importance and wonder of farming.
Tsukuba Rural ExperienceSupporters

We provide farming experiences for children from planting to harvesting, to help children learn about rice and diet through experience. Every year, Tsukuba farm sponsors an event which attracts more than 200 people.

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